Terms & Service

1. Price:
All prices are quoted in US dollar FOB ShangHai (excluding packing, cargos, and export documentation costs).

2. Freight Charge:
Basically, cargos charges are based on the actual charges from airline and forwarder.

3. Packing:
3.1 Packing Charge: 6 USD per box for ornamental fish, 10 USD per box for Turtles. Size of box in CM is 68.5*38*37.2
3.2 Gross Weight: 9-11 KG for turtles, 15-19KG for ornamental fish.
3.3 Other Charges: Totally charge 200 USD per shipment for all fixed Chinese documents charge. Including invoice, AWB, health certificate, certificate of origin, packing list, china customs charge etc.
3.4 Size are in '' CM'' measured from fish’s mouth to the end of tail.

4. Order:
4.1 Minimum order :10 Boxes
4.2 Please specify fish or other products code, Then sign the purchase order and return it to us by E - mail or fax to confirm your order.
4.3 Please specify your preferred arrival date and the destination airport. (The arrival date is subject to change in accordance with flight and fish stock availability.)
4.4 If you would like to order the species those not provided in the price list, please feel free to contact us for more information. We will respond your inquiry promptly.

5. Terms of Payment:
Please remit all payments to our designated bank accounts. On receiving the fax of the remittance voucher from the bank, we will confirm your order by email within one working day.
(Payments of New Customers must be paid in advance 100% (deposit) according to our pro-forma invoice as requested from consignee)

6. Delivery of Consignment:
The shipment will be made within 10 days upon receiving your purchase order. The shipment date is subject to the availability of flight schedules and availability of some fish species.

7. Guarantee and Claims:

7.1 We guarantee fish’s DOA below 1% with density we described in fish list .If the fish is found dead upon arrival, please contact us within 24 hours by E - mail or fax, then we will send you the credit note to minus the invoice immediately. If not, we will not take it as the DOA.